The Honda Accord Has a Trustworthy Powertrain

Many modern vehicle manufacturers are known for producing trustworthy, fuel-efficient vehicles. These vehicles help save drivers money over time by lowering the amount of maintenance and minimizing fuel intake. However, modern drivers also need a vehicle with an equally well-built powertrain.

The time and effort Honda has put into the design of all their vehicles is easily apparent, which makes it hard to choose a single model from their fantastic line-up. However, the Accord is a perfect example of Honda’s top-notch craftsmanship. The Honda Accord is a beautifully crafted piece of machinery that any driver can trust.

When assessing a vehicle’s powertrain, the engine is always a good place to begin. The Honda Accord offers a 192 hp at 5,500 RPM engine with a 1.5 L capacity. This sporty engine is not only powerful, but it is also an extremely reliable piece of machinery. Drivers can trust this amazing engine to get them anywhere they need to go in the beautiful state of Virginia.

The Honda Accord also offers solid fuel economy. This vehicle offers drivers 30 mpg of city driving and 38 mpg of highway driving, which equals a combined fuel economy of 33 mpg. This makes the Honda Accord a great choice for anyone who regularly drives in both the city and on the highway.

Modern drivers need vehicles that come with strong and reliable powertrains. This can help the driver save money over time; the driver can then spend this money on other aspects of their life. All drivers should know that the Honda Accord is a vehicle with an extremely trustworthy powertrain. This sleek sedan comes equipped with a solid engine and offers outstanding fuel economy. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a new or used Honda Accord should pop over to CMA’s Colonial Honda in South Chesterfield, VA. You will have to see our amazing selection of Honda models in person to believe it!

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