The Honda Fit is a sporty and stylish vehicle that can be great as a first vehicle, a second car, or it could merely be a decent choice for someone who is looking to save on gas and who does not want or need a large vehicle. This subcompact vehicle has a streamlined and aerodynamic look that will turn heads as you cruise down the city streets.

Better Space & Comfort

The car has versatile seats that make it possible to transform the interior into four different modes: Utility, Long, Tall, and Refresh. The 2nd-row Magic Seat folds down easily for the utility mode and will allow you to have up to 52 cubic-feet of cargo space. The cargo net is easy to attach and detach as needed, and it will keep your items right where you need them. Overall, the vehicle is comfortable for those who are in the front and the backseats. There is a surprising amount of room in this small vehicle!

Excellent Safety Features

The Honda Sensing technology is a suite of safety technologies geared toward making life behind the wheel safer. The Collision Mitigation Braking System will help to brake the vehicle automatically when it senses that there is an unavoidable collision with a vehicle that is in front of you. By slowing down, it can hopefully help to minimize the risk and reduce the damage. The Road Departure Mitigation System is another quality safety feature. It can detect if your vehicle has crossed over lines on the road without using your signal. The system can provide steering assistance to help you get into your lane, a well as braking to help keep you from veering out of your lane entirely.

The Lane Keeping Assist System is similar to the system to keep you from departing the road. However, this works to keep you in your lane on roads and highways, so you do not drift in front of or into other vehicles.

Adaptive Cruise Control is a part of Honda Sensing, as well. This will help the driver to keep a safe following interval when they are on the highway. It will adjust automatically, so you will not have to worry about manually changing your speed. This driver-assisting technology is beneficial.

These tools help to make the Honda Fit a safer option. One of the other tools that help with this is a rearview camera, which features multiple angles. You can see behind you using the camera, which will show up on your display. You can use the wide mode, top-down mode, or the normal mode. It can be helpful when parking, as well as when you are backing out of a parking spot or your driveway.

A Good Fit for You

The Honda Fit might be a perfect choice for your next vehicle. In addition to the style and the safety features mentioned above, it offers excellent comfort and cargo features. The gas mileage* is another area that can put the Fit on your short list. Test drive it today and see for yourself!

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