The Honda Accord Delivers Unprecedented Technology

Technology has been making amazing strides in the last couple decades, so it only makes sense that our vehicles should be getting more technologically advanced as well. That is why the Honda Accord comes loaded with a ton of great technology designed to make your drive better in every way.

Even small annoyances, such as having to look down at your information cluster to see what speed you are driving, have been fixed in the Accord. With the help of the Head-Up Display, you can see important information such as the speed you are travelling, direction you are headed, and any incoming calls projected onto the windshield within your line of sight.

If you need more detailed navigation, then you can turn towards the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. This incredibly helpful system provides you with 3D rendered maps, lane guidance, and live search functionality.

The high-resolution touchscreen does more than just display navigation and can provide you with real-time vehicle conditions such as energy flow between the engine and electric motor, accurate fuel range remaining, and average rate of fuel consumption in current conditions.

The technology will provide a variety of enhanced safety measures as well with the touchscreen offering an extremely helpful live view of what is behind your vehicle. The multi-angle rearview camera, projected guidelines, and cross traffic monitor all work together to make reversing one of the easiest parts of your drive.

Driving at night is also made easier with the latest technology. Trust the auto high-beam headlights to kick in and allow your LED headlights to automatically dim themselves whenever they detect an oncoming vehicle and then resume back to full strength as soon as it determines it is safe to do so.

Bring your drive into the 21st century by getting yourself into a Honda Accord today! Our helpful team at CMA’s Valley Honda is always happy to help you pick out your perfect model.


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